Tri-State Physics Teachers

Greater Cincinnati Area

SWE event for high school students to learn about engineering majors

We have an outreach event that your students may be interested in. It is open to both girls and boys in grades 9-12. It is on October 14th from 10 am - 3 pm. We will be briefly discussing all the engineering majors but the activities will be focusing on Computer/Electrical, Civil/Architectural, and Mechanical. Also a company called Vantiv will be doing a short presentation.
Sign ups for this event can be done online at
There is a $5 registration fee for lunch and supplies which can be brought in the day of the event or mailed in ahead of time. If they have any questions or need more information please contact Emily
Maria Koenig
University of Cincinnati
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Class of 2020

SOS AAPT Fall 2017 meeting

Our Fall 2017 meeting of the Southern Ohio Section of Physics Teachers (SOS-AAPT) will be Saturday, October 14, at Miami University in Oxford. It is a joint meeting with the Ohio Section of the American Physical Society (OSAPS) which starts on Friday, October 13, at noon - come to that meeting as well, as you are willing and able!
Registration will be done through APS.
Click here for registration
As always, if you only come to the SOS-AAPT meeting, the cost will be $10 for the meeting and, if you choose, a further $10 for lunch. Our Saturday events include:

" Plenary talk by Tom Forster, on problem solving
" Plenary talk by Ben Schumacher, on quantum flows of probability
" Panel discussion about implementing AP Physics 1, featuring SOS-AAPT board members Kevin McChesney, Kathy Harper, and Doug Forest
" And, as always, contributed talks; if you'd like to contribute a talk for a 15-minute slot, submit an abstract when you register.

The deadline for registering and submitting an abstract is Friday, September 15.
I hope to see you there! Please email me with any questions.
Jennifer Blue

Astronomy and Astrophysics day at UC on Saturday, October 28th

Schedule of Events:
Our Place in Space Talk (Dr. Michael Sitko)
Demonstrations & Activities (small group rotation with UC physics majors)
1. Galactic center and curved space-time demonstration
2. Modeling the Expansion of the Universe
3. Measure Distance with Cepheid's Variables and Parallax
4. Determining the Hubble Constant and Hubble Deep Field Structures
Lunch and safe viewing of the sun through telescopes look for sunspots and solar prominances!

Panel with Physics students and faculty
Astrophysics in Antarctica Research (Dr. Collin Bischoff)
Exoplanet Searches and Tour of UC Telescope Facility
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