Tri-State Physics Teachers

Greater Cincinnati Area

Winter Meeting 2017

Our next meeting is planned for 7pm February 22nd at Princeton High School.
Come learn what GE, The ASM International Organization, and the Material Sciences offer students and teachers. Materials Science and Engineering is a unique discipline that combines physics and chemistry to solve engineering problems. Mike Andersen and Nick Krutz, Engineers from General Electric, will share some of their experiences in the field and the types of projects they get to work on that stem from the core of physics-based principles and how the ASM International organization leads the way on educating the next generation of Materials Engineers. One of the cornerstones of ASM's outreach is the annual ASM Materials Camp series. The week-long program is targeted at interactive lessons that show high school teachers how to both teach and relate materials science to their traditional science curriculum. The local chapter of ASM eagerly helps sponsor the Cincinnati camp for all area teachers that are interested. Becky Heckman and Lonnie Dusch, Princeton High School and ASM International Master Teachers, will present a short glimpse - focused on the most physics-applicable activities - into the free, week-long material science workshops presented in fifty locations around North America every summer. In Cincinnati, the workshop runs from July 17-21 at Princeton High School.
More information can be found on the ASM Foundation website If you plan on attending please fill out the form below. Meeting registration form
We hope to see you there to connect with colleagues, share a cool demonstration or lesson, discuss the upcoming summer AAPT meeting, and enjoy our guest presentations!

More about Material Science

We build buildings a nearly a kilometer high out of cement. We carry more and more unbreakable pieces of glass in our pockets. We drive cars that get better gas mileage, weigh less, and generate lower emissions. The materials that we use every day are miracles of modern design, engineering, and - occasionally - luck. Material scientist engineers and technicians are employed in hundreds of businesses around the Tri-State - from P&G and GE down to three- and four-person firms - developing revolutionary materials and improving the materials that are already well into their production life, and yet most students - and teachers - don't know that the field even exists. In our material science course, we combine physics, chemistry, and biology, adding in engineering and design standards. Students with interests in arts - sculpting, ceramics; weaponry - bullet-proof vests, sword making; cars - pistons and sleeves, NASCAR housings; and many more areas of interest find themselves better able to understand how the materials in their world work and shape their lives.
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